AGS Consulting was founded in 2012 from experts with a huge experience from managing companies in very different cultural and challenging economic environments, as consulting company for the Aviation industry, mainly for the sector of ground handling.

Due the broad existing knowledge of managing NPO/NGO’s and associations, partly private, partly business driven, we took the decision to enlarge our consulting business to this sector, because of the (un)certain demand we were faced at this time.

Followed by this we enlarged our business and stepped in Governmental consulting, mainly for safety, security, logistic, PPP and management.

Up to now we are very happy about our decisions, which where for some people strange, because for them it combines three “different worlds”…


So, what do we do?

First of all, we are operational oriented! What’s up currently with your operation, are the goals clear, how can we archive the goals?

Theory is important for development, but being successful, depends always on a prosperous operation.

To meet the goal, we ensure quiet and sustainable problem solutions, with focus on top and bottom line!


AGSC - Aviation Ground Services Consulting

We provide consultancy for all activities in Ground Handling.

Business re-engineering and troubleshooting are our main activities - safeguarding of profit and jobs!

Driving change and turnaround, initiate and maintain organizations as well as people development, run and supervise labour and union related negotiations, support operational business planning and development, take care about and guide ongoing or planned mergers and divestments – successful change and development are our live and your advantage!


AGSC - Active Governmental Solutions Consulting

We provide consultancy for Governmental Bodies, Institutes and Ministries.

Make public processes and goals easier understandable, avoid the specific pitfalls, smoothen implementation/execution issues, prevent private (groups, companies) vs public (governmental) frictions, develop and implement new governmental administrative usable procedures, support marketing, advise and supervise in PPP issues – we all like a smooth governmental administration, we work for it!


AGSC – Associations, Groups and Society Consulting

We provide consultancy and training for NPOs, NGOs as well as all other national and international Associations.

For us, associations are the base democracy – mainly volunteers engage themselves for society goals. We support with advice and training to help to achieve the goals easier - from “business” planning via administrative issues till intercultural management and marketing.

We are serious in “real” business, so we take a business of any Association as well serious – NPO does not mean non-professional organisation!


Aviation, Governmental, Society

- business processes and topics are different, we have the experience and knowledge for!

- all are based on humans – let’s talk how we can support you in mastering your challenges!